July 24, 2017

Now that this site has no visitors, I am comfortable writing something personal on it.

I got approved for my visa application very easily. The visa officer, a beautiful Asian woman just took my I-20 and asked something about the financial support in the US. Still, I think preparation ahead is very necessary. This experience should not falsify the common knowledge that good things will always pick the most prepared ones.

While I was riding the train and bus, I thought about my current health condition, my past and my future.

Why am I so concerned with my health condition? Because I often feel ill. This being the fact, I am determined now that I will improve it by some measures. The first is to eat healthy diet. The second is to have healthy thoughts. The third is to sport a lot. I promise I will not eat hard food including nuts and cookies again. I will fight against the negative thoughts. I promise I will sport more than 10 hours a week.

I made many mistakes in the past. It hurts me a little even just to think about the facts. The reasons behind, according to my beliefs about education, should include the lack of guidance. But not just that. One can argue that I did not work hard enough. I agree with that. But the interplay between hardworking and guidance is vague. A true believer of efficiency tend to blame more on the lack of guidance. I think my parents, USTC, my advisor all contribute to some extent to my failure. If any of them can educate me well about how to find the right path for life, even some simple guidance, I think my life would definitely better. This leads me to believe that everyone can make some improvements for his current status if he is properly guided.

Another thought is about the necessity to think on the other side.

I think it’s very urgent for my to know the big picture for my future, its possibilities and impossibilities. I believe I can make wiser decisions if I know the outcome of them.