Nothing worthy can be achieved without efforts

Nothing worthy can be achieved without efforts. In fact, one can say that the greatest achievements in the world can only be possible with relentless fights. I can put this in another expression with different logical structure, nothing achieved with ease is valuable. Great things needs energy and labor.

I used to be and still am a terrible learner. Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to play the popcart games only to demonstrate that I can excel at the game within a short term of time. As I proceed, I gradually found playing the game is not as easy as it seemed. Rather, it’s extremely tricky. You need to practice the control of the keyboards in a delicate manner before you can run smoothly.And that’s just the beginning of a profession. If, playing a computer game could be hard, yet there are lots of professional runners in the software, what are the reasons for their success? Interests in the game initiated the efforts, and as time goes on, dedications keep coming from lots of reasons. Chanllenges are the key, no matter they are from the internal self or from the community. Looking at how much I can learn from the computer game, I know there are lots of things to learn in this wonderful world. It’s always a great chance to learn from a different profession, and reflect over my own life career.For now, I am clear that it’s so urgent to acquire the ability to learn effectively and effeciently. Actually, I have one effective methodolog, delibrate practice. Think about scientific research endeavors, if you don’t know how to read articles, investigate general literature, and conduct every experiment, think about your problems and ideas, you will never be good research. For those techniques are all research about. On the other hand, if your are good at all those techniques, you can call yourself a professional researcher.

In the evening, I went to play badminton. The badminton sports ground is always a good place for me to hang out and think about life staff perhaps due to the fact that there are so many people urgent to improve and excel at something. During the enjoyable time, I found out two things. The first one is, learning is very hard, if you feel very at ease you probably is not learning at all. The second one is I should always try to make the hard process more interesting.

According to the deliberate practice book, one needs to be good at every single techniques of the game before he can move on to excel at the whole game. While playing like a professional player seems tempting, one should always  be aware that comes from endless hours of boring practice. One should be realistic with their goals before they commit themselves.

However, learning process can be interesting if you take some efforts to make it that way. People unconciously make the learning process dull which is a bad news for beginners. To begin one profession without proper guidance and lots of unhappy feelings is the worst nightmare for anyone who wants to develop a career in that professions. Before they can be good at anything, frustrations rush into their brain and they probably start questioning their capabilities and think about quiting.

Instead of making the learning process boring and dull, you should always try to make it interesting and keep yourself motivated. That’s how you learn, continue to move on and make some real progress, before you give it up. Everybody needs motivation sometimes, and most people, need some instant feedback and want to see if their techniques really work out fine. Positive feedback is far more valuable than negative ones though in the long haul negative ones can sometimes be critical. Motivation is the key for one to keep moving forward. Sometimes one needs his internal motivations to encourage themselves and sometimes one needs some external help.One should know all their efforts are to keep them moving, and not give it up on the halfway. That’s how one finally achieves something. Always giving up on the half way is a very bad habit. That’ll give you a sense of never being able to achieve something in your whole life although that’s not true at all.